quinoa burger


recently i made some quinoa burgers after hearing somewhere, somehow about a food van making them (san fran? craftzine?).

for these ones, i used 2 cups of cooked, mixed quinoa (a combination of white, red and black quinoa varieties). mixed in 2 eggs and probably about 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour, plus salt, pepper an fresh dill (thanks carol!).

then, i shallow fried them in vegetable oil and made them into veggie burgers. they were really yummy! sometimes i make patties with split red lentils but that can get a bit stodgy and dry. not so the quinoa patty!



a few weeks ago I took some shots of these sisters at a local park/skate park. their mum chose their little skater girl inspired outfits and it definitely suited them.

they are so sweet with each other and i had an awesome time deciding what sort of feeling i wanted to give these photos. in the end i sort of went with a clean, lofi vintage sort of thing, inspired by the lords of dogtown.








i am using a trial version of radlab by totally rad! photoshop actions, and i must say it is pretty addicting. i didn't even really know what photoshop actions were 6 months ago but i am definitely seeing how nice it is to be able to consistently and quickly give images a particular look and feel. this week i watched this video my elizabeth halford and i was really inspired to treat editing as a special part of the process.


how to make kettle corn

Oh, the sweet and salty addiction that is kettle corn. if you make it yourself, it is one of the cheapest snack foods around. you can make a big bowl of organic kettle corn for pennies.



Use a large, heavy bottomed pot on medium heat. coat the bottom surface with a thin layer of oil, then add the popcorn kernels and a couple of good pinches of sea salt. don't bother with preheating, just whack it on and in all at once.

Leave uncovered until the first kernels start to pop. Then, quickly sprinkle kernels with a couple of tablespoons of sugar and cover the pot with a tea towel instead of the pot lid (this keeps the popcorn really crisp).

Shake and shimmy your pot as the kernels pop until rapid popping ceases. At this point, remove from heat and dump the popcorn out of the pot, i usually dump it onto a clean cutting board or straight onto the same tea towel i used to cover the pot. Do this last bit quickly because the sugar will burn given the slightest chance at this point.


et voila!

you have kettle corn.

watch the snack munchers devour it.