tea leaves // a short sleeved version

hooray! i finally finished my first ever hand knit adult garment. i actually finished it quite a while ago and did some fine tuning (frogged about 4 inches off the bottom, moved the buttonholes a bit and shortened the sleeves). And now, i'm more than happy with it. i love the short sleeves and it is perfect for the weather here (and will be perfect for all year round in Canada I'd say).






i had been wanting to make a tea leaves cardigan for awhile - tiny tea leaves originally, and i probably will eventually make a little version for my little daughter. but no more wool will be purchased this year, so tiny tea leaves will have to wait!

i used a somewhat rough yarn, cascade sport weight. after blocking it did soften up quite a bit. I'm not really affected by the itch of wool luckily, so this cheaper 100% wool did the trick.

Wool from here.

Pattern from here.


bird feeding

the little folks out feeding a little magpie the other day. i believe it was ritz crackers.





a daily event - running out in the paved area outside our townhouse for a bit of a let loose turned a bit special with the arrival of an inquisitive young maggie.

feeding birds is actually really fun! i'd forgotten. . .

i thought they looked cute in their home made head and tail zebra fit outs. although i'm pretty sure ruben isn't the 'head' of this duo.


bokeh // camera play


recently, i had a little foray into bokeh, a japanese term for blur pertaining to photography.

fun! and super easy. tutorials here and here.

these were all taken in the backyard and in a dark bedroom, using pink fairy lights as the light source. 

i like the one at the bottom left, the hearts look a little like fluttering white butterflies.