cast off, cast on

sweater sleeper

cast off: one not so little baby sweater. it should do him for a couple of years and i've some yarn leftover stored in a zip lock bag for future addition of more stripes to elongate the arms and body length.

i'm pretty sure elizabeth zimmerman gave me the idea when she discussed unravelling entire sweaters and knitting them again to accommodate growing children. i'm more than sure that a few extra stripes on this sweater will stretch it to at least half a decade of use, which is more than i can say for a lot of my clothes. choose colours wisely and this approach really validates purchasing good quality, natural fibre yarns for kids knits.

sweater sleeper 2

i used noro cotton/silk blend (the grey-black stripes) and some sort of merino wool sock yarn. the sweater was meant to be a stash buster which is why these yarns were never meant to be together - the sage green wool is probably a third of the thickness of the noro in some places (the noro is quite variable in gauge) so the finished stripes look a little wonky together, but not too wonky. it certainly won't be mistaken for a store bought sweater let me tell you.

casting on

cast on: organic cotton sweater for myself! i must admit i am a bit daunted by the sheer size of, well, myself and the seemingly endless number of  off white stitches this involves my fingers knitting. but i've got these really clicky and slide-y metal needles going and the sweater is meant to be a loose and drapey knit, broken up with tiny noro stripes, so i'm hoping it won't drag by too slowly.

i will keep you posted, now that i'm posting again.


holy smokes, i'm posting

oh my. i haven't posted anything for 4 months! i have been making, and i have been commemorating things made in photos but i haven't been posting. some of this can be explained by an increasingly active boy babe and a sewing project i've been putting off (therefore rendering myself unable to start other projects without feeling guilty, resulting in a strange avoidance of sewing and fabric stash perusal). happily, i've (more or less) finished the dreaded sewing i'd been dreading, and done heaps of yummy kid stuff sewing.

blogging i guess has taken a back seat, for many reasons in addition to the ones above. but recently a few things have happened which converged to increase my chances of blogging. i got a comment from the daughter-in-law of a blogger i really like, i joined photobucket (ran out of free space on flickr) and i read a really good post accompanied by amazing photos.

and so, my inspiration cup runneth over and i had the photos taken (with a new amazingly beautiful camera) and therefore, i had to post something. i think my stalemate with blogging might be over for now.

without further ado, here are his and her new pants. his are cut from an old striped t of mine, and have a sort of harem pant cut. hers are tights made from purple bamboo stretch-velour. i know! i actually also have made myself a pair. i think velour could be a new tights fabric of choice for me - sometimes tights aren't quite as warm as you want them to be in the winter and the pile of the velour really contributes to the coziness factor.

the location is the wynnum croquet club. it was really fun to shoot.




seriously, i am going to be posting again. soon. i have things to record, including my very first ever pieces of clothing that match my daughters (gasp! i know, i've reached a new level. i'm not sure where that level is though. higher? lower?).