hunting and gathering

we've been doing some pretty serious foraging around these parts - upon discovering an unspoken for mulberry bush and a rather neglected grapefruit tree our forays into urban foraging have been plentiful and fruitful, so to speak.

currently we are accumulating frozen mulberries for use in pie and jams - the bush looks like it will be producing for the next few weeks so a new routine involves walking to our bush with a couple of pails and having a little pick at the ripe berries. it is so fun! the kids love it, little Ruben even gets in there and picks (and munches as he goes).

our other abandoned fruits of the neighborhood are a very very sour variety of grapefruit - i think! they are full of seeds and require doctoring with a simple syrup. we use it as a sort of cordial and have also made popsicles. i like the thought of getting free vitamin C!

any abandoned bushes ripe for the pillage around your parts?

teagan and zac are getting married


last weekend i took some engagement photos for a super couple, Teagan and Zac. i was really excited to take some photos of adults instead of kids for a change! wow, adults are so obedient!

teagan and zac were very natural in their photos - they have been together for ages and their photos clearly show how much they love each other. it was truly inspiring seeing them together and hanging out with them for a couple of hours.

thanks for the lovely afternoon teagan and zac! i think you two are going to make an amazing partnership - you already are.


summer making

i had an extremely productive sewing weekend after a client had to re-schedule.

i've been away from my sewing machine for too long, and this weekend i cracked into the fabric stash, the ottobre mags and made some summer stuff for the kidlets.

_MG_4967 copy
for bea: she is allegedly making a switch from exclusive skirt wearing to choosing pants/shorts more and more (phew!)

ruben, still wears just what i want him to. _MG_4966 copy

_MG_4963 copy

_MG_4961 copy

_MG_4959 copy 3

which in this case, includes fun print shorts with side-vent sort a of vintage board-short look, and harem-style jean shorts (made from the cut off legs of my jeans, from which i acquired a pair of jean shorts).  lastly, a little rocket ship t-shirt.

i am loving the harem pants/shorts thing for babies - it looks super comfy and fits cloth nappies with no problem whatsoever! i'm debating making myself a pair of harem sort of shorts. hmm. not sure about harem bum on grown person. i'll get back to you on that one.


inspired by

this little session from Monday was inspired by this song by gotye. specifically the video clip. bea especially likes the idea of body painting. she decided we should do something like it and take some photos.

all photos were taken using a tripod and timer, or by bea herself. she was quite the little director.
all the colour is crayola washables. we love those. they are super fun to draw all over yourself with, and wash off with just a rinse.

IMG_4570 copy

IMG_4562 copy

IMG_4577 copy

IMG_4572 copy

IMG_4567 copy

IMG_4568 copy

afterwards, we enjoyed watching the colours go down the shower drain.


ice cream sandwich


soft chocolate cookies + ice cream = yum


my address has changed!

Oh hi! i've just changed my blog address to saybooplease.blogspot.com in an effort to streamline my photography business blog into my personal blog as well. If you need to, please change the address in your reader! I didn't happen to see a note that mentioned my gingerbooandpickles address would redirect automatically. if it does, yay! thanks! i hope you do keep me!

if you go into the woods today


2 little girls named beatrix and lola went out into the bush, to do a bit of camping and gathering. bea was the bigger girl, and lola was the smaller girl. they were a little worried about witches and bears and snakes and zombies, as the day was a bit dark, and the clouds a bit ominous.


the bigger girl, (beatrix) decided to go and gather some herbs for their decorating, and she reassured her little friend that she would be safe in the tent.


lola stayed in the tent. she was feeling a little scared, but she tried her best to be brave.


beatrix literally ran to the clearing in search of their favourite little flowers. she was a little creeped out.


she had the distinct feeling that she was being watched.


she brought back her flowers and herbs and told lola that there may be something lurking in the trees. . .


the girls stayed in the tent, where they felt safer. but they still couldn't shake the feeling that something was coming. lola kept her ears pricked for any suspicious sounds.


they were most pleasantly surprised to find that it was only their little toddler friend, ruben! he must have followed them through the bush. everyone was most relieved to be together again, so they all relaxed and hung out in the tent. they felt much more cheerful after finding out the scary noises were only the sounds of a toddler bustling through the underbrush. the end!