bea, is very good at playing. she has the capacity to shut herself up in her room and play for a couple of hours without a break. she makes up little stories amongst her little bits and bobs.

the capacity for play is really nice to have. it means you will never be bored.

i've been playing with photos and playing at making a website.

here are the recent fruits of my creative play.

the photos are over exposed photos of the kids layered with 'bokeh' photos.
i kind of like the surreal feel to them.

IMG_3096 copy

IMG_2642 copy

IMG_2640 copy

IMG_2632 copy

IMG_2617 copy

IMG_2600 copy

IMG_2596 copy


B and K decided to have a tea party photo shoot.

last week. on tuesday morning, bea decided that what she wanted to do was have a tea party. photo shoot. i had to chuckle. she claims she is starting to believe me when i say taking photos is a job. maybe this photo shoot idea was her way of saying sorry for laughing in my face when i told her i was starting to take pictures for people as a job. she literally scoffed and said 'that is NOT work. where is your office?'

so, we dutifully rounded up some items that would be suitable for a tea party. in the end, it had to be watered down quite a bit from her initial ideas of tablecloths and cucumber sandwiches. in the end, she settled for neenish tarts from the shop and apples and pears in a pail. water in the teacups instead of honeyed tea, as she'd originally thought.

here is their little story.


two girls decided to have a picnic tea party in the field. so they packed their snack and ran off together.


they found a spot that was just right and set down their things.


they had a spot of tea (ahem, water).


and a lovely chat.


until the sun was low in the sky (and the baby brother was too cranky for anymore photos to be taken).


the end.