chocolate wafer yoyo cookies (aka diy oreos)


i made these 'oreo' style cookies recently. i found them at smitten kitchen. mine didn't look the way they were meant to, but still, were pretty impressive really. sort of looked like what macarons would look like if macarons were cookies. which is a roundabout way of saying they turned out macaron shaped.

however, i felt a little confused about why i decided i needed to make oreos from scratch. in retrospect, i don't even really like oreos that much. i would probably never buy oreos from the shop. i think i was simply seduced by the photos and the idea.  she smote me with her scrumptious description and pristine stacks of perfectly formed chocolate wafers with icing betwixt.

i am happy with the inspiration though - i think i will definitely be on a quest to make my own sort of wafer-icing combo, perhaps a nice spicy gingerbread with cream cheese icing. i LOVE cream cheese icing, probably a million times more than regular icing.

do you ever wonder why you are making something when it is easily accessed at a shop?
the short answer is that the food made from scratch in your own kitchen often cheaper, healthier and tastier. you know exactly what went into it (grubby kids fingers included).

further points in favour include (but by no means are limited to) less packaging, less brand recognition and associations taking up precious space in your kids and your own brains, the resources saved by shipping bulk items rather than value added products and the pure satisfaction of smelling the heavenly scent of cookies wafting through the house and out the door into the neighbourhood and down the street (wind providing).

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  1. Yum! these look so good. I'm new to cooking from scratch. I used to think "why bother" but now I understand and love it. Being preggo, I am also a little germ-phobic lately, so its nice to know the food we eat hasn't been touched by dirty hands. As well as the reasons u said. I make bread nearly daily and just love the smell :) I am stil planning to make your tomato sauce.